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Brand: Fujiyama

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Fujiyama Long Live bait hooks feature a longer shank and an offset compared to our normal live bait hooks but are still ideal for targeting tough opponents such as tuna, big hoodlum kingfish, amberjack, barramundi and even mulloway or big snapper. Simply feed out your live bait and wait for results.

Whilst lure fishing is all the rage, one thing not to forget is that you can never do better than the real deal. Hook up a yakka, slimey mackerel, mullet, pike or even squid and your odds just got better at hooking onto a passing predator.

There are a couple of rigging methods you could use when you choose a Fujiyama Long Live Bait Hook, and the most popular options are; rigging through the mouth which is generally done by placing the hook through the bottom jaw and then out through the top which provides a better position for increased hook-ups. The second most common method is to place the hook directly through the top or shoulders of the fish, and the third is the nose ring option where instead of placing the livie hook from bottom to top as per first option you instead insert the hook a little out in front of the eyes through from one side to the other. Whatever method you choose, your best chances at standing up to a large predator is to use a quality live bait hook and for years Fujiyama have been one of the leading hook manufactures producing the right hooks for live baiting.