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Radio Beacon Parts and Accessories


Price: $209.00

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We have battery canisters, solid batteries, antennae, aerials and rechargeable batteries and chargers for all radio beacons.

Solid Battery Kan-3 FT-1:    $245
Solid Battery Kan-10 FT-10: $239

Beacon Battery Canister (holds 32 D-cell batteries): $245
Top plate only for above Canister: $130
Rechargeable 24-volt Beacon Battery (should not be used on new Newstar KTR-18 Beacons that require 18-volt solid batteries): $155
Beacon Battery Charger 24-volt 4-Station Smart Auto Charger: $995

O-ring: $18
New Floatation Collar for Beacon: $154

 Complete Aerial with loading coil: $242
Aerial top only: $126.50
Aerial base with loading coil: $187



** Please call 07 5478 1033 for commercial quantities and pricing**