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Deep Water Tuna Light


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Electric lights, used in commercial and recreational industries. 
These deep-water tuna lights are used in the longlining industry in Australia and world-wide. 

Boats have done trials on the East  and West Coast of Australia with unbelievable results. Greatly increase catch of pelagic fish by attracting them to your bait with these bright deep-water lights. .

All the commercial Tuna and Swordfish fleets now use theselights. They have had an increase in catch of bigeye & yellow fin and tuna.

1. Waterproof up to 300 meters
2. 3 LED lamps makes them very bright colours
3. Strong body made from poly-carbonate won't damage even if slammed into side of steel boat while hauling
4. Size: 126mm x 37mm
5. Weight: 80grams (with snap and swivel, not including battery's)
6. Colours: Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, White
7. Use 2 AA battery's
8. Last many days on each set of batteries.
9. Very low maintenance only need to change batteries


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