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Chemicals & Cleaning Supplies

Full range of AQIS-approved cleaning supplies direct from the factory. No middleman. Safe, Economical, and highly effective cleaning chemicals. MSDS info on all commercial supplies. Licensed stockist for Chlorine, Greases, Oils and more. Citrus Wash, INOX, SealFas, 5-litre, 20-litre and 200-litre bulk. Too many to list. Call or email for information.

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Acid Wash

Strong acid based cleaner for heavy duty cleaning. Comes in 5 litre and 20 litre plastic drums. For: heavy cleaning dilute: 1:20 with water; general cleaning dilute : 1:40 with water.


Citra Tech Wash 5 Litre

Citrus Cleaner. Best available general purpose cleaner with infinite number of uses from deck to engine room.


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Heavy Duty ADC Degreaser

This is a very heavy duty degreaser, especially designed to remove grease and oil from engine rooms.


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